Cellkraft - humidifiers for research and development

Cellkraft humidifiers come with a great variety of options to fit almost any humidifying need in R&D. Humidifiers can be controlled from a computer using Cellkraft's Java based open source software, or integrated with almost any laboratory control system. This makes it possible to perform automated experiments where setpoints are changed automatically - let the experiments run over the night, weekend or holidays and collect the data afterwards!

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Humidity 0 to 100 % RH
Temperature 20 to 300 °C
Pressure Vacuum to 20 bar
Flow P-Series 0-250 l/min
F-Series 0-1000 l/min
Data sheet P-Series.pdf
Data sheet F-Series.pdf
Enclosures The P- and F-series humidifiers are available with enclosures for laboratory and industrial usage, including Ex/ATEX rated enclosings.