Water distillers, or stills, has not changed much during the last handful of decades, so we decided to develop a still to represent a new generation of water distillation. The result is the D-100 distiller. The new ideas implemented in the D-100 include fully automatic cleaning from scale – no need for manual aid during cleaning. It’s maintenance-free! Other ideas are dosing – the ability to set 23 liters on the front panel and the production will stop when you have 23 liters in your container. There is also an optional sterilization mode where all downstream piping and, if desired, the downstream container will be sterilized by steam before the production starts. In addition, all produced water is, as standard, sterilized above 125 degC, compared to a traditional distiller’s 100 degC.

Capacity100 liters per 24 hours
Quality1 μS / cm @ 25 °C
(ASTM Type II water)
Powermax 3000 W, (208)-240 VAC
Energy0.7 kWh per liter distilled water
Data sheetD-Series.pdf
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