Flow-through humidifiers

Cellkraft’s units for humidification of air and gas flows are characterised by their reliablity and their compactness. For humidifying gases Cellkraft offers the P-Series membrane humidifiers and the F-Series steam injection humidifiers. Both humidifier series are used in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical industry, as general purpose laboratory humidifiers/humidity generators, as part of fuel cell test stations and as industrial humidity systems running 24/7. Choosing a Cellkraft pre-engineered humidity system for your application will make humidity control trivial so engineering focus can be directed where it is most needed. You simply get precision humidity control, regardless if your application operates at vacuum, ambient pressure or high pressure.

The P-Series humidifiers are based on water transfer across a perfluorinated sulphonic acid membrane and the F-Series humidifiers are based on precision injection of steam. The units are connected to a flow of air/gas and delivers a humidified gas stream. For low humidities and for low gas flows, the P-Series is the most suitable choice. For large flows and when very low pressure drop is needed, the F-Series is often a better choice. For help to find out which product series is best fitted for your application or to discuss your humidification need, contact Cellkraft directly. The products are available in a simple basic configuration and can be configured to fit a variety of humidification needs with the available options. Cellkraft can also assist with further adaption to customer needs.

Humidity 0 to 100 % RH
Temperature 20 to 400 °C
Pressure Vacuum to 20 bar
Flow P-Series 0-250 l/min
F-Series 0-1000 l/min
Data sheet P-Series.pdf
Data sheet F-Series.pdf
Enclosures The P- and F-series humidifiers are available with enclosures for laboratory and industrial usage, including Ex/ATEX rated enclosings (zone I or II).
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