Fuel cell humidity control

Humidity control for fuel cells is literally the very foundation of the Cellkraft AB we have today. Starting of as a fuel cell R&D company in the year 2000 and producing innovative polymer electrolyte fuel cells, humidifiers were developed for the in-house need for humidity control. Years later, the humidifiers evolved into its own business area which is now the core business of Cellkraft AB.

With this fuel cell background, and a large part of the staff with research background within fuel cells, Cellkraft understands the humidity control need in fuel cell R&D better than most.

Cellkraft offers humidifiers in a very wide range of operation, so you will find suitable Cellkraft humidifiers regardless if working with small single cell fuel cells or larger fuel cell stacks.

Go to Cellkraft flow through humidifiers to find a suitable humidifier for your fuel cell humidity control problem or contact Cellkraft to discuss your particular needs!