Recirculating humidifiers

Cellkraft’s units for humidification of a recirculating air and gas flow are compact and reliable. They are suitable for applications where a humidity level should be maintained in a closed volume. Display cases for humidity-sensitive objects in museums is a common example, climate chamber humidity control is another.

The C-Series humidifiers are based on precise micro injection of steam. The units have an integrated fan that circulates air between the humidifier and the chamber/enclosure. The humidity of the circulating air is monitored and small doses of vapour are added to keep the humidity at the set level. As an option it is possible to control the oxygen level in the display case/chamber/closed volume. Cellkraft can also assist with further adaption to customer needs.

Humidity10 to 75 % RH
CapacityDisplay case or chamber up to 50 m3
Data sheetC-Series.pdf
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If flow though humidifiers may be a good option, consider also Cellkraft flow through precision humidifiers.