Evolved product – D-100 distiller

The new standard for self-cleaning water distillation, Cellkraft D-Series, evolves further. First from D-40 to D-50 and now to D-100. Capacity is doubled – to 100 liters of distilled water / day. Since price is not increased, the capital cost per produced volume of distilled water is halved in an instant.

Newsletter 1/16 out

Today Newsletter 1/16 is sent out to registered parties. This issue contains information about the new Cellkraft location, our new distiller product and the new control system which is introduced in the P-Series humidifiers and D-Series distillers.

New product – D-40 distiller

As of today, Cellkraft launches the D-40 water distiller. It represents a new generation of water distillers, featuring automatic cleaning, sterilization and dosing. The product was developed to satisfy the Cellkraft-internal need of high quality pure water for R&D and testing of humidifiers. Now we cannot do without it and hope that it will make life easier also for others.

Updated data sheets

Data sheets for E-Series, F-Series and P-Series are updated today and are available for download from their product category page. Ordering keys are now simplified and harmonized between these products.

Cellkraft has relocated

Cellkraft has moved to larger premises in the heart of the Royal National City Park. The new building is beautifully situated between Stockholm University and lake Brunnsviken, only 200 m from the University subway station. With the relocation, Cellkraft is well positioned for further growth.

Newsletter 1/14 out

Today Newsletter 1/14 is sent out to registered parties. This issue contains, among other things, information about the different humidity quantities and how they are impacted by changes in temperature and pressure.

New product – C-Series humidifiers

As of today, the C-Series circulation humidifiers are an official part of the Cellkraft model program for humidification. C-Series is designed for applications where the humidity level should be kept constant within a closed volume. As an option it is possible to also suppress the oxygen level in the closed volume to a certain level or to keep in below a certain threshold.

Newsletter 1/12 out

Today Newsletter 1/12 is sent out to registered parties. This newsletter includes information about our first ATEX zone 1 product, including some information about this specific project. It also includes information about a new development which makes it possible use tap water for P-Series humidifiers instead of distilled/deionised water.